About Us

About Us

Ritu Bricks Pvt. Ltd. marked its 30 years of presence in the year 2018. The Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India, located company is serving the building and construction industries with its range of building material. Successfully working as a manufacturer & supplier of Clay Bricks, Hollow Blocks, Building Brick, Cladding Tiles, Clay Pavers, and All Clay Building Products. The making of all kinds of brick, tile and paver we provide requires distinct processes. The clay bricks are made following a number of steps, from clay preparation, molding, drying to firing. The material used in the aforesaid process include clay, water, sand, and fuel. We have enough space and equipment for the clay brick making. The tools and equipment our personnel use in the process are:
  • Axes
  • Machetes
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Hoes
  • Pick Axes
  • Shovels
  • Hinge Molds
  • Molding Tables
  • Bow Cutters
  • Carrying Boards
  • Pallets
Quality Control & Assurance

A successful brick making program that is entirely dependent on the quality of bricks produced. To make sure the quality of bricks is as per the quality benchmark set by the company, sample bricks from the produced batch is tested to find defects in overall size, shape (rounded corner, raised corner, slumping, etc,), and appearance (drag marks, bar marks, etc.).


Mr. Sanjay Kumawat, the director of the company is responsible for the effective execution of the business plan and good management. It is necessary also for the successful business execution and production of building material. He makes sure raw material are adequately supplied to production team, requisite equipment and tools are provided for the job, the quality of building material produced must be checked regularly, the production process executes smoothly and people have the information and guidance needed. Apart from making sure everything runs smoothly in the organization, he gives managerial and technical assistance to employees, whenever required.

Strategically Located

The production unit is located in Vill- Sareri, situated on the National Highway-79A that allows easy transportation of material. It lies in the Bhilwara- the seventh largest city in Rajasthan, which is 253 kilometre from the capital city Jaipur and is connected to Kota, Ladpura, Bhilwara, Gangapur, Rajsamand and Udaipur by National Highway No. 758.

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Contact Us

Vill- Sareri, National Highway-79, District- Bhilwara, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, 311024, India
Phone :+918061880796